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Thank you for your interest in my blog!  I hope that you find the information useful.  As a chemist-turned-soapmaker, I really enjoy writing about the “technical” side of product formulation.

Formulating preservative-free products for sensitive skin has become a passion of mine and has lead to the development of products that may seem unusual at first…hint:  the theme is that they are all water-free (water-free products resist bacteria without harmful chemical preservatives):

Shampoo bars (preservative-free and plastic-free)

Lotion bars

Shaving Soap

Face soap (that won’t dry your skin!)

Face & Body Oils

Water-free Face Scrub

Soap making class Portland

If you’d like to learn more, please consider taking a class!  Classes are taught through Portland Homestead Supply Co. monthly.  Private classes may also be scheduled by e-mailling  Classes are in-depth and thorough, and cover everything from the chemistry of formulation to safety issues to how to color and fragrance your creations naturally.

Purchase the following online or through a store that carries our products:

Bar Soap • Facial Oils • Body Oils • Solid bar shampoo • Laundry Soap • Dish soap • Hand Soap • Shaving Soap • Face Scrubs • Gift baskets • Facial soap • Lip Balm • Pet Shampoo