Solid Shampoo

Value:  One shampoo bar is equivalent to as many as three bottles of liquid shampoo. Shampoo bars are spill-proof and easy to travel with.

Low Environmental Impact:  Shampoo bars have no water, so don’t require preservatives.  This means fewer chemicals on you and fewer chemicals washed down the drain and into our streams.  Shampoo bars require minimal packaging so no more plastic waste!

Improved Hair Health:  Solid shampoo is made with natural vegetable oils that leave your hair soft and shiny without drying.


Lotion Bars and Pure Oil Moisturizers

Value:  Water-based lotion is typically more than 70% water (which just evaporates). Using pure vegetable oils as moisturizers, only 1-2 drops per application is needed so a small bottle will last a long time!  When applying lotion bars, a little also goes a long ways so they last and last!

Low Environmental Impact:  Again, no water means fewer (or no) chemicals on you or down the drain.  Just store the lotion bar on a pretty plate – no plastic waste.

Skin Health: Pure vegetable oils are less likely to cause skin irritation or clogged pores than the waxes, alcohols and preservatives found in many water-based lotions.  Vegetable oils are also packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants and natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

ImageNote:  This blog is meant to inform about the benefits of solid products, not to warn against the use of preservative-containing lotions.  There are safe preservatives out there, for a review of preservatives see our blog at